Cool Green Trees was grown through a passion for planting trees in a changing world. We are taking action to mitigate climate change and to advance environmental justice. We are working on local change that will affect the health of generations to come.

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Green Opportunities

The interactive map below highlights critical areas of Urban Heat Islands in Jefferson County. Use the 4 buttons at the bottom of the map to get more information, turn on and off layers, or share this map.  Look under Our Story for details on the creation of this amazing tool! Find our planting areas by clicking on the Map Layers button to open the selection box, then turn on and off what you can see with a left click.

Critical areas designated using the overlap of elements from the EnviroAtlas Birmingham Community Study Area – percent green space, percent impervious, percent of summer night cooling reduction, annual runoff, and acute respiratory symptoms. Tree canopy data were calculated using i-Tree landscape. The dark orange areas have the highest Urban Heat Island score – areas worth exploring for Cool Green solutions.

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Why Plant Trees?

So much more than looking pretty.

Planting more trees could have a tremendous impact on our communities. We envision a more resilient and thriving Birmingham, in which everyone can experience and share nature’s benefits.

Adding more nature to the built environment delivers benefits that reach beyond pollution control. Trees also beautify neighborhoods, enhance public and recreational spaces, and even spur job creation – all at a lower cost than traditional engineered solutions.


What We Are All About


Our mission is to improve the environment and community through planting trees.


Our vision is to plant trees to mitigate the negative effects of urban heat islands, stormwater runoff, and air pollution to uplift the community, economy, and health of Jefferson County, Alabama.