Community of Experts

Our program’s success relies on valuable insights and collaboration for our Advisory Council. Comprising of dedicated individuals with a passion for community engagement and environmental initiatives, the CGT Advisory Council plays a crucial role in our growth and impact. We gather quarterly to assess and refine our strategies, seeking feedback on current projects and discussing potential improvements. 

Their expertise guides us in evaluating past efforts, shaping future projects, securing funding, and enhancing community engagement. Together, we strive to create a sustainable and impactful program that addresses the needs of Jefferson County residents living in Urban Heat Islands.

Advisory Council

Dr. David Hicks, Jefferson County Department of Health
Dr. Julie Price, Assistant Professor Environmental Health Sciences, UAB
Christina Argo, City of Birmingham Department of Transportation
Jane Reed Ross, Goodwyn Mills Cawood (GMC)
Thomasine Jackson, East Thomas Neighborhood President
Kellie Johnston, Cawaco RC&D Council
Tom Spencer, Public Affairs Resource Council of Alabama (PARCA)

Technical Committee​

Our program’s Technical Committee serves as the backbone of our operational efficiency and excellence. Prioritizing a hands-on approach, the CGT Technical Committee visits all program sites, ensuring thorough evaluation before, during and after installations. This meticulous process allows us to gather valuable feedback and identify areas for improvement. 

The Committee, working in tandem with our Advisory Council and partners, shares feedback to elevate the overall efficacy of Cool Green Trees.

Andrew Martin, Jefferson County Environmental Services
Brian Templeton, UAB Planning, Design and Construction
Colin Connor, City of Hoover Parks & Recreation
Sharon Deep-Nelson, Renta Urban Land Design
Henry Hughes, Retired Forester
Randal Smith, City of Birmingham Horticulture
Jonathan Stanton, Jefferson County Department of Health
Katie Wiswall, Alabama Forestry Commission  
Thomas Yuill, City of Birmingham Mayor’s Office